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UC Browser is Back to The Play Store - Here is What Happened

We were literally shocked to hear that our app UC Browser was removed from the Google Play Store on alleged grounds of misbehaving apps. We were shocked as we were not served any caution notice prior to the removal. We are aware of the best service practices as well as the terms and conditions which every one of the app developers are to follow while uploading their apps to the store.

We too have an app store viz. 9Apps. We too accept apps into the store after thorough examination to ensure complete safety and security to our users which numbers over 500 million. We monitor every app in regular intervals after allowing them to be showcased on our store and we too remove apps if found containing any malware or virus. We also remove apps if they show any misbehavior or are redirecting to pages which contain malicious software.

We understand the importance of protecting users’ privacy at every stride. But despite taking every step to ensure complete security and safety to our users, we were banned from the store made us literally feel despaired.

We submitted a review request soon after we found our app to be out of the Google Play Store. After analyzing app, they found our app to be safe and it followed their privacy policies and terms and conditions. Thus, they approved our app again.

At this juncture, we feel it is right to announce that we always strive hard to ensure better security to our users. If we had not secured our users’ privacy, we would not have reached where we are today. We have over 500 million active users worldwide and the numbers are still growing. How could an app that does not guarantee the safety of our users succeed in the race to be one among the top browsers in the world now? Ask for yourself.
We know and understand the inconvenience you faced. At this juncture, we also assure our users that we never engage in any kind of malpractices or does any breech of safety standards.

About UC Browser
UC Browser and UC Browser Mini are two mobile browsers by UC Web, the mobile browsing wing of Alibaba Group of Companies. The browser is currently placed most popular apps in India and is predominantly used in various countries including China and Indonesia. We are happy that we are the only browser from outside the Western Countries to be listed among the top 10 list in the world.

You can download the app from our official website, 9Apps store and other Android stores.

How to Find and Watch Movies Using Vimdate

If you are a movie lover, you would be interested in this Vidmate Movies app as it helps you search, find and watch movies you like. The search on your Android device will bring you results from across the video streaming platforms like YouTube, Google and the like. You also have the option to skip to YouTube results alone. Or you may search only for music videos or TV shows, there are options in the app.

How to search?
Here is how you can search for movies or videos on Vidmate Android app.
Type the term like Hollywood movies, or Bollywood movies and hit enter to start the search. You can also search by particular movie names like Tiger Zinda Hai or anything like that.

Filter the search by choosing the tabs. By default, you will see the searches from across Google, YouTube and other video platforms listed under the ‘ALL’ tab. Now you can filter them by choosing the ‘YOUTUBE’ tab. Under this tab, you will see videos from the most popular video streaming site alone.

Now you have seen how to search and find your video or movies. Next step is how to download the videos.
You would probably have noticed a blue colored download button on the right side of the video results. Clicking on this button will help you get your videos. Just click on the button to start downloading. It’s that simple and easy to use.

Step by step guide
1. Type the general keyword or specific term to start video /movie search.
2. Select the YouTube tab for filtering videos from YouTube alone. (As mentioned above, by default all videos are listed under ALL tab.)
3. Find the download button given on the right side of the videos.
4. This will open up a pop-up window where you will be asked to choose the resolution and format.
5. Pick the right resolution and format for your device. Available formats include 3GP, WebM, and MP4.
6. Click the download button to enjoy movies offline and at any time you wish.

It is important to note that some formats are not supported by some devices. You should have a know how of which format is the best for you. Similarly, you should also consider what the resolution you require. In short, Vidmate is the best app for you to enjoy movies, videos, music and more from YouTube and other video streaming sites.